The Brand

Tricksy Pixies was established in 2016 by creative director Miss Gemma Trick. 
Originally, the brand was intended to be a performing arts troupe, however we gained so much interest in the creative costuming aspect of our shows, that we decided to provide them for commercial sale.

Our first Runway event was in 2016, with the Melbourne Fetish Expo. We officially launched our first collection at this event, and since have been back in 2017 to win the emerging designer award.

We have sold costumes at various festivals around Australia, and where privileged to have our customers take their costumes overseas to major international events such as Burning Man, Pacific Fire Gathering and Oregon Eclipse Festival.

Looking forward, we hope to expand into the fashion industry by participating in Melbourne Fashion Week, VAMFF, MAD runway showcase and a tour of the eastern coast of australia in 2018.