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what kind of Hula Hoop Is right for you?

Hey Hoopers!

If you are looking to buy a hula hoop, there are a few things you need to know in order to make sure you select the right sized and weighted hoop for your skill level. I am going to break down everything I have learnt in my many years as a hoop dancer, to help you make that decision.

One thing i want to clear up, as i see this on many hula hoop related posts, is that small, lightweight hoop does not necessarily equal advanced hooper.

Whilst it is true that when you are first starting out, you should opt for a large, heavy hoop to ease you into the movement pathways, not all ‘advanced’ hoopers use small, lightweight hoops. These hoops can be great for learning off body tricks, but they are built as such and are inappropriate for many circus style tricks, such as multi hooping, splitting, rhythmic gymnastic style hooping and so on.

To make things less confusing, i have categorized my hoop shop based on both level of hooper and hoop style achievable with said hoop.

– For beginners, I recommend starting out with our 25mm beginners hoops. made from 25mm HDPE pipe, these are our heaviest and heartiest hoops – making them the easiest to use. when selecting diameter, you want the hoop to stand somewhere between your crotch and belly button. Take a measuring tape and measure from your toes to your crotch, this measurement will be your minimum hoop diameter.

Dance Hoops:
If you are already confident in spinning the hoop on body, you should consider opting for a dance hoop. made from 19mm HDPE pipe, these are our most versatile hoops. They are great for learning both on and off body tricks, after four years of training with hoops i still use dance hoops in my personal practice for drills and strength building.

Polypro Hoops:
These hoops are great for certain styles of hooping, they are lightweight, bouncy, and incredibly responsive.
This type of tubing is ideal if you specifically want to learn fast, ninja style hoop dance. Whilst not appropriate for learning circus style splitting, you can do things with a polypro that just arent possible with a standard circus hoop.

Circus Hoops:
our circus hoops are made from 16mm HDPE tubing, and are ideal for anyone looking for a specifically circus style of hooping.
For so long i tried to learn a hoop split with the wrong type of hoops. I was using 19mm polypro with a tiny diameter of 90cm and getting no where. It wasn’t until i was training at mullum-circus fest that i learnt the difference between hoop dancers and circus hoopers, that not only where their styles completely different, but so where their props.
I wasn’t able to control a knees and waist split until i made the ‘circus hoop’
After extensive research, I found that this combination of tubing and larger diameter was perfect for learning and maintaining circus hoop skills.

Mini Hoops
Made from 16mm HDPE, these mini hoops are perfect for learning off body tricks, native american style hoop locking, hoop manipulation and hoop juggling.